J&S Marketing Resources has become a business resources model for assisting individuals and organizations in the development, implementation, and operational phases of their business in an effort to better compete in their marketplace.   Providing our clients transformational solutions, while supporting their transition to create an environment of vibrant growth and operational improvement is our priority.  Our priority is to understand your goals in order to identify the best approach, resources, and service providers to develop and implement an effective operational strategy to propel you to success.  We develop business strategies for micro-, small-, and mid-sized businesses to engage commerce in a multitude of industries such as retail, agriculture, education, real estate, community development, etc.


Our services provide our clients' expert business advice in the areas of structuring, product and business service licensing, business and asset protection, marketing, funds development, human capital, management assistance, and more.  We understand the importance of providing essential information through analysis to improve your business by assessing weaknesses, improving performance, efficiency, and recommending and implementing solutions, both immediately and long term.  Solving your issues creates value for your business, as well as maximizes growth and improves business performance.  This allows your business to improve resource allocation, operations, overall profitability, and sustainability creating greater success for you.  Call us today!

Service Solutions

Business Planning
​Business Consulting
Business Administration Services
Property & Casualty Insurance (Business & Personal)
Operational Strategies
Sales & Funds Development
Talent Identification
Business & Staff Training​
Construction Contracting
Property Preservation
Tenant Management Services
Tax Preparation & Resolution

Training Services

Business Basics
Curriculum Development
Healthcare Agency Development
Shared Living Business Development & Management
Grant Research / Grant Writing
​Proposal/RFP Development & Response Services
Nonprofit Business Development

Marketing Services

Corporate Identities
Brand Development
Web & Social Media Content Development
Project Management & Agile/Scrum Methodologies
Web, Social, & Mobile Marketing
Location Marketing